Machining & Fabrication

What would you like to create?

SDMI delivers precision machining and fabrication services for metal and plastic components, focusing on complex parts with tight tolerances. Governed by ISO 9001:2015 standards, we ensure high-quality production and adherence to deadlines through streamlined processes. Our one-stop shop is equipped with a dedicated quality control department capable of precise measurements and validations to meet your project requirements efficiently.

Equipped with a variety of advanced tools and technology

Harness the power of innovation with our suite of advanced tools and technology, designed to give your business the cutting-edge advantage it needs to excel in today’s market.

Our Promise

Our team of engineers and machining experts is dedicated to efficient production, guaranteeing quick and reliable delivery. We go beyond basic machining to provide a comprehensive suite of services, including plating, powder coating, heat treating, assembly, fabricating, and engineering. This holistic approach is designed to streamline our customers’ outsourcing requirements, offering a broad spectrum of processes to meet all their needs in one place.

Accurate quotes within 24 hours

On-time delivery with proactive communication

A commitment to quality with a no-rejection policy

Our Process

  • Define Task

    Define Task

    We initiate every project with a comprehensive task definition to ensure a clear understanding of your precise requirements and objectives.

  • Engineering


    Our CAD, Engineering & Programming Experts transform your concepts into precise, detailed blueprints, utilizing state-of-the-art software for flawless execution.

  • Machining


    SDMI’s machining prowess guarantees high-precision components, utilizing cutting-edge technology to meet the most stringent tolerances.

  • Assembly


    Our skilled technicians meticulously assemble your parts with the utmost attention to detail, ensuring the final product exceeds expectations.

Why choose SDMI?

At SDMI, we provide a comprehensive solution to your production challenges, which ensures seamless outsourcing, quick quote turnarounds, complete process delivery, and reliable scheduling.With over 30 years of experience, we understand the nuances of meeting demanding production needs and offer a trusted partnership, validated by decades-long customer relationships.

We believe you deserve a partner who not only meets but anticipates your needs.

With SDMI, you’ll experience:


Seamless integration with your production as if it’s your own.


Rapid quote responses to keep your projects moving.


All-inclusive service from creation to delivery of ready-to-use parts.


On-time delivery that you can count on.


Expand production capabilities and embrace growth without added overhead.


Enhanced ability to manage new work and streamline delivery times..


Tackle more intricate projects with our advanced machining and fabrication.


On-demand access to expanded engineering and technical expertise.

Preferred Provider

Here are just some of the businesess who are trusting their products with SDMI:

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