Comprehensive Machining and Fabrication Solutions

At SDMI, our services extend beyond the ordinary to deliver extraordinary precision and quality. Leveraging over 30 years of industry experience, we offer a suite of comprehensive services designed to meet the most rigorous manufacturing demands.

An engineer works intently at a computer station, using CAD software to transform concepts into detailed engineering blueprints. The focus is on the screen displaying complex diagrams, illustrating the precision and expertise involved in the engineering process.

Engineering and Programming

Our in-house engineering team excels in translating customer concepts into tangible solutions. Utilizing advanced CAD and 3D modeling, we turn your innovative ideas into ready-to-use parts.

An image displaying high-quality and sophisticated drill bits commonly used in precision machining and fabrication.

Precision Machining

Specializing in tight-tolerance machining, we craft metal and plastic components with unparalleled accuracy. Our state-of-the-art CNC equipment and skilled technicians ensure every part meets exact specifications.

A skilled worker in protective gear performs welding in a fabrication workshop. Sparks fly as the worker meticulously joins metal parts, showcasing the precision and craftsmanship involved in the fabrication process.


Our fabrication capabilities merge traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques. From initial design to final assembly, we ensure each product is built to perform with exceptional structural integrity and aesthetic quality.

An image showing a Cold Jet machine in use, specifically Cold Jet Dry Ice Blasting Equipment. The machine is likely engaged in a cleaning or surface preparation process using dry ice blasting technology.

Advanced Finishing Processes

We enhance the durability and appearance of your products with a variety of finishing processes, including plating, powder coating, and heat treating, for superior surface finishes.

An image depicting an assembly process. Workers are seen assembling components, indicating a stage in manufacturing or construction. The image suggests collaboration and precision in assembly operations.

Assembly and Testing

We provide meticulous assembly services, ensuring each component fits seamlessly and functions as intended. Our rigorous testing protocols guarantee performance and reliability.

An image depicting the Micro-Vu Vertex Measuring Center in operation. This table-top system features a high-resolution camera-based measuring system for obtaining fast and accurate measurements on various parts.

Quality Assurance

With our ISO 9001:2015 certification, you can trust that quality is built into every process at SDMI. Our quality control department rigorously inspects every single part for compliance with your standards.

Hands typing on a keyboard, representing technical support services. The image signifies active assistance and troubleshooting in the realm of technology. It visually conveys the commitment to comprehensive technical support, complementing the dedication to customer satisfaction.

Technical Support

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends to comprehensive technical support. We’re here to assist at every stage, from troubleshooting to optimization.

A warehouse employee holding a clipboard with a checklist, with boxes in the background. The image represents quick turnaround and delivery services, reflecting the commitment to meeting deadlines and ensuring on-time project completion.

Quick Turnaround and Delivery

Understanding the importance of deadlines, we offer a 24-hour quote response and commit to on-time delivery, ensuring your project stays on schedule.

Partner with SDMI

Whether you’re looking for a single component or an end-to-end manufacturing partner, SDMI is equipped to handle your needs with precision, efficiency, and care. Contact us to discuss your project requirements and discover why we are the chosen partner for industry leaders.